Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What exactly is a We'Blog'?


I would love to start with a post which describes the basic thing which has put me here-The BLOG, the short form of Weblog! I was really wondering whether a blog is simply an online diary!! I think the answer should be no! More precisely, it should not be just a Web Diary.

This link gives a very good view of what a blog is for! I dont want to repeat it again.

But would like to start with the definition of it, keeping in mind there are atleast few folks around who are innocent like me!!

What exactly is a blog?
Blogs are frequently updated web pages on which authors post short comments about news items, interesting websites, their thoughts and more. Blogs are the newest information age revolution that allows individuals to express themselves to the world.

Writing and maintaining a blog is a compilation of individual thought (reflection) articles on a particular subject of interest. The idea that should be behind blogs is for you to reflect upon the experience and the subject matter involved and the meaning that you give it. By making it your responsibility to develop each reflection article can help you improve your learning on the subject matter and remember it. Learning is not about memorizing facts and figures. It is about being able to explain the concepts in your own words.

Courtesy: Nick's Blog post - http://nickroy.com/hrblog/?p=80

After all this, dont you wanna ask me what my blog is for??
This blog is to express my opinions, experiences and everything which I feel is related to Quality Assurance in IT. I am a QA Engineer by Profession and have started my career in it, unlike many other QA Professionals who have years of experience behind them.

Keep coming back! You will surely find it fascinating!!