Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Role of QA Executives in building better Organization through Process Compliance Measurement

While searching for calculation of Process Compliance Index, I came across this very good article on Composite model for QA mainly directed for the small and medium sized organisations. Here, the role of QA executives in providing a clear vision to the development process was clearly emphasized. Go through this article - worth calling it a must go through for any QA professional.

According to my experience & what I have seen until now, not many organisations emphasize on Process Compliance as one of the key metrics. This paper gives why it is important and how it gives a clear vision at the right moment inorder to avoid pitfalls.

A Composite Model on for Software Quality Assurance by S. Balan

By the way, I could not get the right answer for the calculation of Process Compliane Index (not Process Capability Index - general term used in Six Sigma). If anyone knows or comes across it, please update me. Thanks.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Is it true that QA Professionals earn less?

One person whom I met in a recent training session asked me why I opted for QA myself being an Engineer. His reservations is about the low salaries that QA professionals earn compared to Software Developers (I cant call them as "Software Engineers" because this term is very generalized. This has been emphasized by Roger Pressman in his book Software Engineering).

Keeping apart others' arguments, I would like to say that it is not true. I have an experience of only one year after my Engineering, that too completely in Quality Assurance (a very rare incidence, according to many). Now I am getting offers with around 75% more than my current pay. The myth that QA Professionals more precisely, QA Engineers earn less may be because of the fact that they are confined to do more Audit or Inspection processes most of the time and hence, it is in a way, not giving new reaps to the management/employer.

Now a days, the role as well as the designation of QA Engineer is being changed to Process Engineer or Process Consultant. This is giving more scope for assuring quality with the optimized processes while making sure that the innovation of the project teams is not lost ! This started getting more respect to Quality Assurance than ever before. And ofcourse, with innovations in optimized process implementations, the ROI would surely be high for the employer and higher the remunerations for QA Professionals :)

Experienced folks can correct me if I am wrong!!