Wednesday, September 28, 2005

CMMI Implementation - Few Queries

I got struck with the following questions during the implementation of CMMI in our current organization. I would like to get these questions clarified ASAP. If anyone have the answers or references for them, please give them as your comments here:
  • How much time does it take for a medium sized organisation (of people varying from 100 to 500) to set up the initial set of processes & what are the steps followed? (e.g., studying of existing projects to make the processes apt for the projects)
  • Under what SDLC model does many of the projects fall? I am referring to many of those projects where the requirements cannot be freezed at the project start or clients themselves are not sure of the exact functionalities (e.g., when they come up with a concept rather than with the complete set of functional requireemnts)
  • Now a days managements of the organisations are in a great hurry that they want to be at CMMI Level-5 within 1 year after the process initiation (I'm again referring to the medium sized organisations). How feasible it is and what is the average time for these mid-sized orgaisations to achieve L-5 (assuming there is 100% commitment from all parties) ?